Rivas, Jorge

Appropriation & invention: Three centuries of art in Spanish America - Denver: Denver Art Museum, 2022 - 288 p. il. col. 28,5 X 23,2 cm.

Appropiation and invention in the arts of Spanish America / Jorge F. Rivas -- The viceroyality of New Spain, Materiality and innovation in seventeenth-century painting of New Spain -- Elisa Arroyo -- Innovation, tradition, and style in XVIII mexican painting / Luisa Elena Alcalá -- Inventing identity: portraiture and society in New Spain / Michael A. Brown -- Divine mediators in polychromed wood: sculpture in New Spain / Franziska Martha Neff -- On furniture in the viceroyalty of New Spain / Gustavo Curiel Méndez -- Silversmithing in New Spain / Carla Aymes -- Ceramic convergence and divergence / Philippe Halbert -- The spanish caribbean, Venezuelan painting and the caribbean / Janeth Rodríguez Nóbrega -- Venezuela: furniture developments at the crossroads of the spanish empire / Jorge F. Rivas -- The viceroyalty of Peru, From New Granda to Denver: particularities and pluralities of a painting collection / Olga Isabel Acosta Luna -- Painting in the Andes / Ricardo Kusunoki Rodríguez -- The nativity scene in the Andes: new iconography and new materials / Carmen Fernández-Salvador -- Furniture in the Andes / Jorge F. Rivas -- South American silversmithing / Luis Eduardo Wuffarden Revilla -- Epilogue -- Asia and spanish America / Sofia Sanabrais -- New Mexico's unmistakable Santos: artistic bricolage and the formation of style / James M. Córdova -- Toward modernity: spanish America after independence / Natalia Majluf -- Colonial phantoms in modern and contemporary art in Latin America / Rphael Fonseca.


Arte Colonial
Arte latinoamericano
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