Pierce, Donna

Asia & Spanish America: Trans-Pacific Artistic And Cultural Exchange, 1500-1850: Papers From The 2006 Mayer Center Symposium At The Denver Art Museum - Denver: Denver Art Museum, 2009 - 200 p. il. col.

Map of the Manila galleons and their trade network in 1610 / Weexsteen, Fabrice -- Map of Spanish trade in the Americas in 1700 / Weexsteen, Fabrice -- Perception of the other and the language of "Chinese mimicry" in the decorative arts of New Spain / Curiel, Gustavo -- Early Manila galleon trade: merchants' network and market in 16th- and 17th-century Mexico / Miyata Rodríguez, Etsuko -- Shipwreck evidence for the China-Manila ceramics trade / Brown, Roxanna M. -- The biombo or folding screen in colonial Mexico / Sanabrais, Sofia -- Japanese lacquers exported to Spanish America and Spain / Nagashima, Meiko -- Of luxury and fantasy : the influence of Asia on the furniture of viceregal Spanish America / Rivas Pérez, Jorge -- Enconchado frames : the use of Japanese ornamental models in New Spanish painting / Ocaña Ruiz, Sonia -- Propaganda and luxury: small-scale Baroque sculptures in viceregal America and the Philippines / Trusted, Marjorie -- Chinese porcelain in the viceroyalty of Peru / Kuwayama, George -- Trade textiles : Asia and New Spain / Abby Sue Fisher -- Asia at the Spanish Missions of northern New Spain / Bargellini, Clara


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